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Tips from Top Home Decor Bloggers on Organizing a Small Space

Organizing your items properly can be quite a chore when square footage is hard to come by in an apartment. Living with a partner or your family can make things infinitely more difficult. So how do you cope? There’s never enough space, no matter where you’re living. We consulted top home organization bloggers to ask for their best tips on how to organize a small space for both form and function. Read on to discover some of the best ways to organize a small living space. Please consider following these bloggers on their sites and on social for many more helpful organization tips.

NEAT Method

Top tip: Organize BEFORE you buy the bins

“Buying storage solutions (ie. bins or baskets) before doing the actual organizing. Our favorite line from our clients is “I’m really organized, just look at all of these containers I bought.”

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The Home Edit

Top tip: How to organize your sentimentals, or “old junk you still care about”

“Our solution for storing special items has always been a single sentimental box for each person in the family. And recently we came across a new spin on that concept. A company called Savor developed a chic storage solution for keepsakes, and we are kind of obsessed. It has 2 versions: one for school aged children, and one for babies. They come in a set of two and have a variety of colors.”

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Metropolitan Organizing

Top tip: Ditch Tupperware without lids and go with square containers in the future as they use less space

“Prune your cache of kitchen containers. Recycle your rarely used food containers. Throw away any container missing a lid. For a fresh start, order a set of square containers with lids. Square containers use less space and stack easily.”

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Chaos to Order

Top tip: If you wear tall boots, use pool noodles to keep them upright and organized in the closet so that they don’t flop over onto everything else

“With the change of seasons, the time is prime for making sure winter clothes are out, organized, and ready to wear. Boots can be floppy and messy to store and access. One solution is to take pool noodles and cut them to help your boots stand up nicely. Take a noodle and cut–you can get about 4 inserts by cutting the noodle with a bread knife. Stand boots upright, they look much more organized in a row and they won’t flop over the other boots taking them out of viewing range. Keeping your closet organized is not only important because we want it to look tidy, but often our closets are over-stuffed. Edit regularly to make sure that what you have is what you’re using. Keeping boots upright, visible and organized is a step in the right direction!”

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My Blissful Space

Top tip: Use drawer dividers to keep the clothes in your bureau organized

“I love that everything now has its own spot and will (hopefully!) stay sorted. I find that rolling clothing (tanks, camis, leggings) helps me to see and access them better, so I did that with my workout tops and some leggings and knit shorts. (You can imagine what finding one workout top in a pile of 12 would be like, and then putting it all back.) 
I didn’t time it, and I spent some time taking photos, but I am sure this was a less-than-30-minute project, and that includes sticking on those little grippy pads. What a difference that half hour is going to make for me on a daily basis!”

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Organizing Maniacs

Top tip: Minimize your holiday decorations to the “must-haves” and store batteries separately in bags to avoid corrosion or power drainage.

“Buying storage solutions (ie. bins or baskets) before doing the actual organizing. Our favorite line from our clients is “I’m really organized, just look at all of these containers I bought.”

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Refined Rooms

Top tip: Use a door storage cabinet in the bathroom to hide the clutter of those random toiletries

“Buying storage solutions (ie. bins or baskets) before doing the actual organizing. Our favorite line from our clients is “I’m really organized, just look at all of these containers I bought.”

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Wooden coffee table

Best Results Organizing

Top tip: Store recyclables in the cabinet under the sink so that you can easily rinse and separate from the trash

“The best location for initially collecting and sorting recyclables is in your kitchen, near where most cans or bottles are emptied. The under-sink area next to your trashcan is ideal, as you can rinse recyclables before sorting them into bins. Also consider lesser-used or partially hidden areas, like the floor space below a kitchen desk or the awkward corner cabinets where two counters meet at right angles.”

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Simply Organized

Top tip: Install hanging baskets and plenty of hooks in the entryway to keep from junk piling up on the floor or table as you come into the apartment.

“Before the school year kicked off, I helped the most adorable mother of 3 young boys (God bless her!) get her mudroom organized and ready for the paper landslide. As with all projects, they tend to begin in one space and we slowly creep our way into other areas of the house. This project actually began in her garage, which I will be sharing soon. Then we made our way inside. For now, I’m combining both her mudroom and command center into this post because they are located close together….and like every other area of her home, it’s gorgeous!

When it comes to school papers, backpacks, calendars, shoes and more, it’s hard to not have things creep into other spaces. They seem as if to reproduce overnight. She was looking for a way to organize the active school papers and homework packets. In school years past, everything ended up on her kitchen counter or shoved into kitchen drawers. I’m sure every mom reading along is in agreement here – the kitchen tends to be that paper breeding ground. But this school year she wanted to change that phenomenon. And she wanted to give the boys a little more independence and ownership of their papers…”

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Ask Anna

Top tip: Use ice cube trays to organize small pieces of jewelry or even those tiny bits in your toolbox

“Moving on to bracelets and necklaces, I love this simple idea using a thread rack! Who says you have to store your jewelry in the bathroom? Put this on the back of your closet door and it will make it easier to match your necklace to your outfit.”

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Peace of Mind Organizing

Top tip: Use a pot lid holder to save space and organize that leaning tower of metal and glass tops

“We used to store our barware on the top shelf of the built-in cabinet and I would have to get out a stepstool if the glass I wanted wasn’t right in the very front. A lot of the barware was stored in the basement. Now we have a whole beautiful cabinet that can hold an ample supply of barware. And I love the way it looks. Another happy-making thing.”

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