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Dallas Neighborhoods to Watch in 2022: Which Areas Will Be in High Demand Among Renters in the New Year?


By Amy Mueller

Dec 21, 2021

Demand for rental apartments was high in Dallas, Texas this year, and we expect this trend to continue in 2022. But which Dallas neighborhoods are setting up to be especially “hot” next year?

In our Dallas Neighborhoods to Watch in 2022 report, we’ve identified the five areas of Dallas that we expect will be in high demand with renters. To compile our list, we focused on the areas with highest recent renter interest per available apartment, indicating potential for continued demand in coming months.

At the top of our list is Oak Cliff, where the median rent price for a 1-bedroom apartment is $1,009, substantially less than the overall median for Dallas at $1,285. This large neighborhood features a diverse range of housing options from converted former mansions to larger, more modern apartment complexes, all of which attract renters at many budget levels.

Lake Highlands also saw a high rate of interest from renters on ApartmentAdvisor in the past two months. Rents in Lake Highlands are also on the lower end for Dallas, making even more appealing in a climate of soaring rent prices; the median rent for a 1-bedroom unit is less than $1,000. Lake Highlands is located right near White Rock Lake, and the area offers access to expansive green space and paved trails for running and biking.

Old East Dallas, Northwest Dallas, and Oak Lawn also made our list of neighborhoods to watch in 2022.

Top Dallas Neighborhoods to Watch in 2022



Median 1-Bedroom Rent


Oak Cliff



Lake Highlands



Old East Dallas



Northwest Dallas



Oak Lawn


More rent data for Dallas and its most popular neighborhoods can be found in the ApartmentAdvisor Dallas Market Rent Report, which is updated daily. Insights about neighborhoods in Dallas can be found here.


To rank neighborhoods, we calculated the ratio of unique renter views or inquiries on apartment listings to the average number available apartments from November 1 through December 20, 2021. We excluded neighborhoods that had less than 20 units listed on ApartmentAdvisor during that time period.

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