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3162 Dogwood Drive

Hapeville, GA, 30354

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2 beds, 1 bath, 964 sqft

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January 16

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Property Id: 1090539 Adorable renovated space close to downtown Hapeville and the Airport. Located on a main road and attached to a commercial space, the house feels very insulated inside. Two queen beds, one furnished, well-apportioned kitchen. All utilities included


Alarm System
On Site Laundry

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This property has several gyms, restaurants, and schools nearby. The nearest gas station is less than two miles (1.11mi) away. The nearest grocery store, Kroger, is less than two miles (1.24mi) away. There are 103 places to eat within a 3 mile radius. In addition, there are 29 parks and 54 schools within 5 miles.

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