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Our Mission We started Apartment Advisor with one goal in mind: to bring authentic apartment ratings and reviews to the people who need them most. Real apartment reviews are critical to making a decision on where to live. Apartment rentals are on the rise, and we hope you'll visit our site for apartment ratings you can trust, written by people who really lived there.

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"I used Apartment Advisor to read reviews about a community that interested me. I learned about the shared pool and the fact that management responded to issues 24/7. It was an easy choice after that."
- Josh, Austin

"My husband and I could not find a website that had real reviews from real residents. Most sites are scrubbed to be completely positive for the community. Thankfully we found plenty of advice on this site."
- Christina, Chicago

"I love the building I live in. I left a rating on Apartment Advisor so anyone moving to Boston could have a leg up on their apartment search."
- Mark, Boston

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