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"HORRIBLE! DO NOT STAY HERE! Save yourself money, trouble and embarrassment!"

I will let my last email to the on-site manager do the talking. Please note that up until this email I had sent several previous emails and never once did I ever ask them for any sort of reimbursement or compensation. It was only after 48-days straight of one thing after another that I decided to ask for something. Ingrid's response was to round up 2 maintenance guys (not needed) so that she could "bully" me in her office for 30 minutes. It reminded me of a very horrible car buying experience! All she eventually was willing to do was reimburse me for some groceries, which I promptly declined as insulting and ridiculous.

The subject/title of my email was: "Our first 48-days":

Hi Ingrid (on-site manager for San Cervantes).

So, here I am writing you 48-days into our "Luxury Living" here at San Cervantes. As I am sending this to you, we are without a fridge, which means we are also without both any food and cold beverages. Last night, and this morning I threw out the remainder of the food (95%) of what we had left in the fridge. This is not the first time I had to throw out food (I did once before because the last fridge opened on it's own somewhere in the middle of the night and remained open until we woke and saw it in the morning).

I'm not going to do a full re-cap, because you have most of the previous problems sent to you in emails from me (in a timely manner). Here is a real short summary on the "bigger" issues:

1) Had a broken microwave plate... Took 3X to try and get that right. Finally did just to have the microwave totally bust later.
2) Had a fridge that the door would randomly pop open. Replaced fridge only to get one that didn't work at all (except freezer).
3) Have a washing machine that ruined a bunch of sweats, towels, etc - ripped them on the "normal" cycle. Since then we know we are only allowed to run things on the delicate cycle and have ever since.
4) Had a hot water heater that was slowly dripping from the top. Got that fixed, only to have whole thing bust at the bottom and ruin bottom of a box and it's contents I had stored. Also, had the fun of taking only cold showers.
5) Had Heat/AC that did not work.
6) Had a toilet that was not properly bolted to the ground (thus it wobbled a tone, and we did not use it until it was fixed).
7) Had a whole wall of un-working outlets in the kitchen.

Does this sound like luxury living to you? Going without hot water? Going without a microwave? Going without a working fridge? Going without working Heat/AC? Wondering if sewage is going to seep onto the floor from one of the toilets? It doesn't to me! It sounds more like an episode of Survivor, only we didn't ask to be on the show and there is no prize at the end. Seriously, please try and put yourself in our shoes and imagine yourself and your family having to go through all this.

So, here we are: Day 48... and still we have a significant problem with no fridge (and by the way, I've only ever asked for significant problems to be fixed-- everything else I've just noted and let it go). Anyway, since we have had problems from the beginning, I submit the following for your consideration:

$1680 Refund for a month and a half rent
$170 Ruined Groceries (it was probably more)
$45 Replaced Toaster-Oven (from strip of un-working outlets)
$1895 Due to us for our first 48 days of "Luxury Living"

Note that I have not asked for the following:
$??? Extra money we've had to spend on utilities electric for non-working a/c, fridge door opening, and gas and water water (x2) from water heater.
$??? Ruined yearbooks and some school certificates/awards (from water heater busting. This box was in the water heater room, but not right next to it)
$??? Ripped clothes, towels, etc from Washing Machine (we didn't learn that the only usable cycle is delicate). We bought new towels and pair of sweats. the rest we did not replace.
$??? Insane amount inconvenience and associated extra work and cleaning (essenitally non-stop problems since we got here)! I mean early on my wife had even stayed the night at my Mom's house because "I just can't take one more $?!^&#% surprise tonight"

In summary, we should not have had to pay rent for a unit that was not fully functional at the time of move in, not properly functional most of the time we've occupied it, and still to this day remains "unrentable" (I don't think apartments with no fridge should be rentable). This is to say nothing of the constant inconvenience and consistent "surprise" stress that we've gotten used to (I mean I was duct taping the fridge door shut!) Not only should we not have to pay rent for that period of time, but San Cervantes should be responsible for losses we had attributed solely to their negligence... And not that it matters that much, but I am not sure we've ever really even gotten a simple "I'm sorry" from San Cervantes.

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