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Apartment hunting in New York? We'll help you find your next place in a snap. Started by the founders behind Tripadvisor and CarGurus, ApartmentAdvisor combines smart technology with expert local guidance to make your apartment search easier at every step, from finding the right apartment to signing your lease. Happy renting!

How it Works

Find your ideal place.

We’ll curate apartment recommendations just for you and notify you right away when a new match hits the market.

Get real-time guidance.

Our advisors are standing by to handle the nitty-gritty for you. We’ll contact landlords, get your questions answered, and organize tours on your behalf.

Apply online, effortlessly.

No more paper forms! Easily upload all required documents and complete your rental application online. Fill it out once and use it for any Verified listing on our site.

Hear From Our Renters

I've worked with brokers in the past, and my advisor has been by far the best — the easiest and the most communicative, personable, and genuine person that I've ever worked with.

Leigh D.

Sometimes when you work with brokers, they don't do much except open the door. My advisor went above and beyond. There was an element of additional service compared to what you're used to seeing when renting.

Lizzy T.

I had been looking for an apartment on my own prior to working with ApartmentAdvisor with no success. My advisors worked with me and made everything seem less miserable and hectic. I can’t thank them enough.

Mary N.

ApartmentAdvisor made the last couple of weeks of apartment hunting super smooth, and took away a lot of things that were making the whole process almost unbearable.

Alex M.


At ApartmentAdvisor, we’re on a mission to simplify your New York apartment search. It’s why we have a team of trusted advisors standing by to help you, plus technology that streamlines the entire rental process. We’ll help you at every step, from uncovering the best rental options, to scheduling tours, to securely submitting your application. It’s an easier, happier way to rent.