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8 Brave Eagle ct

Pueblo, CO 81001

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2 beds, 2 baths, 1,343 sqft

Available May 5

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$165 Above Market

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Available as soon as May 5

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This is truly a unique home! Its located in a small association that maintains the yard, pays for water, trash, and snow removal. These services help to keep all the homes in the area looking nice and tidy! Home also has solar which the owner pays for so you'll have very small electric bills. Nice wood flooring, two car attached garage, spacious kitchen and living space. This is low maintenance, high quality of living at it's best! Available now! Pet Policy – Up to 2 small pets ok. No more than 2 small pets. Under 20 lbs. 35 dollars per month pet rent per pet. No pets with any history of aggression. Pet policy does not apply to service or companion animals. We use a third party pet/animal policy and screening service. All applicants must complete a pet/animal application whether they have pets/animals or not. No charge if you do not have pets/animals! Link provided during application process. Fencing provided (if any) may or may not be sufficient to contain your animals. You'll need to make changes or use portable dog runs, if necessary, at your expense. Muldoon Associates, Inc. is a dedicated fair housing advocate and does not discriminate based on race, color, national origin, religion, sex, familial status or handicap (disability).ancestry, marital status or creed, sexual orientation, source of income, hair style and all other protected classes defined by fair housing. Reasonable accommodations or modifications will be made in rules, policies, practices, property or services when such accommodations may be necessary to afford a person with a disability the equal opportunity to use and enjoy the property 1 year lease Availability date may vary from what's advertised This home is exclusively managed by Muldoon Associates, Inc. a professional brokerage firm licensed by the state of Colorado Qualifications -Applicant must make 2x the rent. If applicant receives a subsidy the income requirement is 2x the applicants portion of the rent not covered by the subsidy. Income is based on net income received from any lawful and verifiable source of money. Bank statements, pay stubs and cash assistance (housing subsidy) vouchers must be provided. Pay stubs and bank deposits must match in order to be considered lawful and verifiable for the purpose of meeting the 2x requirement. Cash assistance (housing subsidy) disclosure/voucher must be provided to verify lawful and verifiable money. Income that's not reconcilable through bank deposits or cash assistance (housing subsidy) disclosure/voucher cannot be considered. Salaries, wages, commissions, payments received as an independent contractor, bonuses, or a housing subsidy or derived from any other public or private source including all of a tenant's cash assets are defined as "Income". -All occupants18 and older must complete app and pay app fee if fee is applicable. If resident has a portable screening report, no fee is due if portable screening report complies with HB23-1099. Please attach the provider and login information for a portable screening report which must be provided by landlord directly by the screening agency. Portable screening report could slow down application process if provider is not timely or applicant does not provide login information at time of application. If login information is not provided at time of application, application will be considered incomplete and will not be processed until complete. -Must have 1 year at employer or 2 years at same field of work. Status of employment letter must be provided on company letterhead with supervisor signature. Status of employment letter must include your full name as it appears on the application(s) and the dates of your employment. Pay stubs must be provided and must match verifiable deposits into bank account by providing copies of bank statements. -Landlord does not consider credit score, adverse credit event, or lack of credit score when qualifying applicant who is renting with the assistance of a housing subsidy. If applicant is not receiving a housing subsidy, applicant must have minimum 625 credit score. -24 months of verifiable rental history or mortgage payments must be provided at time of application. Applicant must provide a PDF ledger from current/past landlords for 24 month period prior to application. Applicant should provide letter of recommendation from landlord as well. If applicant currently owns home and does not have rental history, applicant must provide mortgage statements showing mortgage is paid and current. -At least one applicant must meet all qualifications -Rental history more than 7 years prior to the date of application will not be considered -Criminal history and arrest records will not be considered if more than 5 years old from the date of application except; (I) the unlawful distribution, manufacturing, dispensing, or sale of a material, compound, mixture, or preparation that contains methamphetamine (II) the unlawful possession of materials that make methamphetamine and amphetamine as described in section 18-18-412.5; (III) any offense that required the prospective tenant to register as a sex offender pursuant to section 16-22-103; or (IV) any offense described in part 1 or part 6 of article 3 of title 18. -Cosigners who are seeking only to be responsible for the financial requirements of the lease are not acceptable. Co applicants are acceptable and will be equally responsible for ALL provisions of the lease. -Dependents under the age of 18 do not need to complete an application but must be disclosed and named during the application process -Individuals who are incapacitated do not need to complete an application but must be disclosed and named during the application process -No possession, consumption, manufacturing or cultivation of recreational marijuana or marijuana products -No smoking allowed inside the home Portable Tenant Screening Reports (PTSR): 1) Applicant has the right to provide Muldoon Associates, Inc. with a PTSR that is not more than 30 days old, as defined in § 38-12-902(2.5), Colorado Revised Statutes; and 2) if Applicant provides Muldoon Associates, Inc. with a PTSR, Muldoon Associates, Inc. is prohibited from: a) charging Applicant a rental application fee; or b) charging Applicant a fee for Muldoon Associates, Inc. to access or use the PTSR. Amenities: vent hood, privacy fence, patio, sprinkler system (front), dishwasher



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