ApartmentAdvisor National Rent Report

February 2023

The ApartmentAdvisor National Rent Report is published monthly and includes national rent trend data as well as rent price data by state and by city.

Published March 1

U.S. National Rent Trends

The median national rent for a 1-bedroom rental apartment in the U.S. was $1,475 in February 2023, 1.26% higher than the median national rent for January.

Median Rents

Studio$1,395 (0%)
1 Bedroom$1,475 (+1.3%)
2 Bedrooms$1,695 (+1.8%)
3+ Bedrooms$2,250 (+0.9%)

Rent Prices Over Time in the U.S.

Average Rent by City

National median rent prices grew slightly in February, but were holding relatively flat compared to last quarter, continuing an overall deceleration that began last summer. Still, compared to a year ago at this time, apartment prices are sitting much higher. At $1,475, the one-bedroom median rent price is up 5.7% from February 2022, and the two-bedroom median ($1,695) is up 5.9%.

In our ranking of the top ten most expensive rental cities, New York City was still on top as the most expensive market to rent a one-bedroom apartment this month. The median asking rent for a one bedroom there was $3,741 in February, up 2.5% from January and up 23% year-over-year. San Francisco and Boston held their spots at #2 and #3 respectively. Miami jumped back up to its place as the 5th most expensive market, with prices up 4.5% from January. Despite the recent uptick, Miami is among a very short list of cities that have seen rent prices decrease year-over-year. The average price for a one-bedroom apartment in Miami is down 7.7% compared to February 2022. Minneapolis, MN, Las Vegas, NV and Austin, TX also are bucking the national year-over-year rent growth trend.

The top 10 least expensive cities to rent were also the only cities on our list with one-bedroom median rent prices below $1,000 per month in January. However, all but one of these cities (Tucson, AZ) have seen substantial rent increases compared to last year.

Top 10 Most Expensive Cities to Rent an Apartment

1. New York City, NY$3,741 (+1.1%)
2. San Francisco, CA$2,901 (+0.7%)
3. Boston, MA$2,700 (-1.8%)
4. San Jose, CA$2,468 (-1.3%)
5. Miami, FL$2,394 (+3.9%)
6. San Diego, CA$2,310 (-3.3%)
7. Los Angeles, CA$2,282 (-0.6%)
8. Washington, DC$2,245 (-0.1%)
9. Seattle, WA$1,944 (+2.3%)
10. Chicago, IL$1,825 (+1.4%)

Top 10 Least Expensive Cities to Rent an Apartment

1. Wichita, KS$685 (+1.5%)
2. Tulsa, OK$822 (-3.2%)
3. Oklahoma City, OK$842 (+1.9%)
4. El Paso, TX$850 (-0.1%)
5. Indianapolis, IN$912 (-5.8%)
6. Louisville, KY$925 (0%)
7. Omaha, NE$926 (+4.2%)
8. Milwaukee, WI$949 (+6.1%)
9. Tucson, AZ$950 (+1.7%)
10. Memphis, TN$959 (-1.2%)

Rent Prices in the Top 50 Most Populated Cities

This table shows median rent data for the top 50 most populated cities in the US.

New York City, NY$3,741 (+1.1%)
Los Angeles, CA$2,282 (-0.6%)
Chicago, IL$1,825 (+1.4%)
Houston, TX$1,422 (+1.7%)
Phoenix, AZ$1,390 (+0.4%)
Philadelphia, PA$1,400 (+0.4%)
San Antonio, TX$1,127 (-1.1%)
San Diego, CA$2,310 (-3.3%)
Dallas, TX$1,438 (+1.3%)
San Jose, CA$2,468 (-1.3%)
Austin, TX$1,478 (-1.4%)
Jacksonville, FL$1,230 (-2.6%)
Columbus, OH$1,114 (+3.8%)
Charlotte, NC$1,406 (+1.9%)
San Francisco, CA$2,901 (+0.7%)
Indianapolis, IN$912 (-5.8%)
Seattle, WA$1,944 (+2.3%)
Denver, CO$1,721 (+2.1%)
Washington, DC$2,245 (-0.1%)
Boston, MA$2,700 (-1.8%)
El Paso, TX$850 (-0.1%)
Nashville, TN$1,587 (-0.2%)
Detroit, MI$1,290 (-4.4%)
Oklahoma City, OK$842 (+1.9%)
Portland, OR$1,504 (+0.3%)
Las Vegas, NV$1,237 (-1.6%)
Memphis, TN$959 (-1.2%)
Louisville, KY$925 (0%)
Baltimore, MD$1,300 (+0%)
Milwaukee, WI$949 (+6.1%)
Albuquerque, NM$1,029 (+5.6%)
Tucson, AZ$950 (+1.7%)
Fresno, CA$1,378 (+5.8%)
Sacramento, CA$1,542 (-1.2%)
Atlanta, GA$1,794 (-0.1%)
Kansas City, MO$1,175 (+5.3%)
Colorado Springs, CO$1,195 (-0.1%)
Omaha, NE$926 (+4.2%)
Raleigh, NC$1,401 (-0.7%)
Miami, FL$2,394 (+3.9%)
Virginia Beach, VA$1,499 (-1.8%)
Minneapolis, MN$1,147 (+0.4%)
Tulsa, OK$822 (-3.2%)
Tampa, FL$1,694 (+3.4%)
New Orleans, LA$1,500 (0%)
Wichita, KS$685 (+1.5%)
Bakersfield, CA$1,150 (+0.2%)
Cleveland, OH$1,200 (+2.4%)
Honolulu, HI$1,750 (+2.9%)
Riverside, CA$1,745 (-2.8%)

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Average Rent by State

Massachusetts was again the most expensive state to rent a one-bedroom apartment in February, with the median price at $2,485 – up from January by .9% and up 10.4% year-over-year. At $650 per month, West Virginia had the least expensive one-bedroom median rent in February.

Delaware$1,227 (+2%)
Hawaii$1,800 (0%)
Texas$1,333 (-0.2%)
Massachusetts$2,485 (+0.9%)
Maryland$1,623 (-0.2%)
Iowa$805 (+2.4%)
Maine$1,100 (-15.4%)
Idaho$1,250 (+1.5%)
Michigan$995 (-0.4%)
Utah$1,311 (-1.9%)
Minnesota$1,151 (+0.1%)
Missouri$925 (+1.9%)
Illinois$1,582 (+2.7%)
Indiana$890 (+1.5%)
Mississippi$855 (+0.6%)
Montana$1,100 (+0.5%)
Alaska$1,050 (-6.7%)
Alabama$950 (+1.1%)
Virginia$1,549 (+0.3%)
Arkansas$725 (-2.7%)
North Carolina$1,295 (-0.8%)
North Dakota$774 (+0.5%)
Nebraska$925 (+3.1%)
Rhode Island$1,625 (+1.4%)
Arizona$1,346 (-0.4%)
New Hampshire$1,548 (+1%)
New Jersey$2,100 (+3.4%)
New Mexico$978 (+6.5%)
Florida$1,700 (0%)
Nevada$1,319 (+1.5%)
Washington$1,704 (+0.8%)
New York$2,109 (-4.1%)
South Carolina$1,346 (+0.4%)
South Dakota$835 (+0.6%)
Wisconsin$1,045 (+4.2%)
Ohio$900 (+0.6%)
Georgia$1,475 (+1.1%)
Oklahoma$786 (-1.6%)
California$2,150 (0%)
West Virginia$660 (-2.7%)
Wyoming$795 (+6%)
Oregon$1,450 (+0.1%)
Kansas$812 (-3.1%)
Colorado$1,599 (+0.9%)
Kentucky$850 (0%)
Connecticut$1,638 (-0.7%)
Pennsylvania$1,200 (+0.4%)
Louisiana$965 (-3.5%)
Tennessee$1,240 (-0.8%)
Washington DC$2,245 (-0%)

Report Methodology

For the February ApartmentAdvisor National Rent Report, ApartmentAdvisor analyzed rental listings available on our platform, calculating median rent prices by unit size and location for every state as well as the top 50 most populated U.S. cities. Listings on ApartmentAdvisor come from both small and large property owners and include luxury and non-luxury rental units. ApartmentAdvisor also tracks more detailed rental price and inventory data for each of the top 50 most populated cities in the United States, updated daily. These can be found on our Market Reports page.

The tables above can be sorted by price by clicking the column headers. Data can also be downloaded as a CSV. If you have questions about our data, or if you have a specific question you would like us to answer, please contact our team at pr@apartmentadvisor.com.

Top metro areas

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741 apartments starting at $550/month

Austin Apartments

933 apartments starting at $625/month

Baltimore Apartments

592 apartments starting at $450/month

Birmingham Apartments

209 apartments starting at $550/month

Boston Apartments

3,322 apartments starting at $700/month

Buffalo Apartments

108 apartments starting at $750/month

Charlotte Apartments

674 apartments starting at $605/month

Chicago Apartments

3,710 apartments starting at $400/month

Cincinnati Apartments

322 apartments starting at $600/month

Cleveland Apartments

440 apartments starting at $499/month

Columbus Apartments

867 apartments starting at $500/month

Dallas Apartments

1,189 apartments starting at $600/month

Denver Apartments

635 apartments starting at $500/month

Detroit Apartments

477 apartments starting at $525/month

Grand Rapids Apartments

226 apartments starting at $560/month

Hartford Apartments

72 apartments starting at $795/month

Houston Apartments

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Indianapolis Apartments

528 apartments starting at $400/month

Jacksonville Apartments

917 apartments starting at $448/month

Kansas City Apartments

499 apartments starting at $500/month

Las Vegas Apartments

798 apartments starting at $600/month

Los Angeles Apartments

3,429 apartments starting at $600/month

Louisville Apartments

292 apartments starting at $594/month

Memphis Apartments

702 apartments starting at $475/month

Miami Apartments

597 apartments starting at $1,300/month

Milwaukee Apartments

507 apartments starting at $465/month

Minneapolis Apartments

666 apartments starting at $625/month

Nashville Apartments

346 apartments starting at $875/month

New Orleans Apartments

437 apartments starting at $595/month

New York City Apartments

1,811 apartments starting at $850/month

Oklahoma City Apartments

557 apartments starting at $549/month

Orlando Apartments

400 apartments starting at $650/month

Philadelphia Apartments

1,671 apartments starting at $400/month

Phoenix Apartments

1,054 apartments starting at $600/month

Pittsburgh Apartments

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Portland Apartments

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Providence Apartments

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