ApartmentAdvisor National Rent Report

October 2023

The ApartmentAdvisor National Rent Report is published monthly and includes national rent trend data as well as rent price data by state and by city.

Published November 1

U.S. National Rent Trends

The median national rent for a 1-bedroom rental apartment in the U.S. was $1,450 in October 2023, 0.99% lower than the median national rent for September.

Median Rents

Studio$1,379 (-1.1%)
1 Bedroom$1,450 (-1%)
2 Bedrooms$1,700 (0%)
3 Bedrooms$2,100 (0%)

Rent Prices Over Time in the U.S.

Average Rent by City

Top 10 Most Expensive Cities to Rent an Apartment

1. New York City, NY$4,327 (-0%)
2. Boston, MA$3,000 (+3.6%)
3. Jersey City, NJ$2,996 (-0%)
4. San Francisco, CA$2,837 (-1%)
5. Miami, FL$2,400 (+2.1%)
6. Washington, DC$2,383 (-0.5%)
7. San Diego, CA$2,295 (-0.6%)
8. San Jose, CA$2,250 (+1.5%)
9. Los Angeles, CA$2,195 (-0.1%)
10. Oakland, CA$2,007 (-2.2%)

Top 10 Least Expensive Cities to Rent an Apartment

1. Wichita, KS$675 (-0.9%)
2. Toledo, OH$700 (+0.7%)
3. Cedar Rapids, IA$700 (-2.5%)
4. Akron, OH$750 (0%)
5. Fort Wayne, IN$807 (-1.1%)
6. Lincoln, NE$808 (+4.5%)
7. El Paso, TX$850 (-6%)
8. Lexington, KY$850 (0%)
9. St. Louis, MO$850 (-1.1%)
10. Baton Rouge, LA$850 (0%)

Rent Prices in 100 Major Cities

This table shows median rent data for 100 major cities in the US.

New York City, NY$4,327 (-0%)
Los Angeles, CA$2,195 (-0.1%)
Chicago, IL$1,799 (-3.8%)
Houston, TX$1,341 (+2.2%)
Phoenix, AZ$1,358 (-1.8%)
Philadelphia, PA$1,350 (0%)
San Antonio, TX$1,088 (-0.5%)
San Diego, CA$2,295 (-0.6%)
Dallas, TX$1,395 (+2.6%)
San Jose, CA$2,250 (+1.5%)
Austin, TX$1,400 (-3.8%)
Jacksonville, FL$1,195 (-0.4%)
Fort Worth, TX$1,320 (+0.6%)
Columbus, OH$1,159 (-1.4%)
Charlotte, NC$1,545 (+2%)
San Francisco, CA$2,837 (-1%)
Indianapolis, IN$945 (+2%)
Seattle, WA$1,798 (-2.5%)
Denver, CO$1,700 (-1%)
Washington, DC$2,383 (-0.5%)
Boston, MA$3,000 (+3.6%)
El Paso, TX$850 (-6%)
Nashville, TN$1,505 (-3.6%)
Detroit, MI$1,003 (-4.4%)
Oklahoma City, OK$900 (+0.1%)
Portland, OR$1,445 (-1.2%)
Las Vegas, NV$1,182 (-1.4%)
Memphis, TN$900 (0%)
Louisville, KY$895 (+3.4%)
Baltimore, MD$1,250 (-3.5%)
Milwaukee, WI$925 (0%)
Albuquerque, NM$950 (-0.3%)
Tucson, AZ$925 (+2.5%)
Fresno, CA$1,254 (+0.3%)
Sacramento, CA$1,456 (-2.6%)
Atlanta, GA$1,711 (+0.4%)
Kansas City, MO$1,077 (-1.6%)
Colorado Springs, CO$1,140 (-0.8%)
Omaha, NE$879 (-1.7%)
Raleigh, NC$1,356 (-3.1%)
Miami, FL$2,400 (+2.1%)
Virginia Beach, VA$1,517 (+0.5%)
Oakland, CA$2,007 (-2.2%)
Minneapolis, MN$1,100 (-2.1%)
Tulsa, OK$899 (-2.7%)
Tampa, FL$1,600 (-3%)
New Orleans, LA$1,350 (0%)
Wichita, KS$675 (-0.9%)
Cleveland, OH$986 (+3.8%)
Honolulu, HI$1,800 (+2.9%)
Riverside, CA$1,728 (-0.4%)
Corpus Christi, TX$1,049 (+5.4%)
Lexington, KY$850 (0%)
St. Paul, MN$1,150 (0%)
Cincinnati, OH$895 (-3.4%)
St. Louis, MO$850 (-1.1%)
Pittsburgh, PA$1,100 (-6.4%)
Greensboro, NC$1,099 (+5.1%)
Lincoln, NE$808 (+4.5%)
Anchorage, AK$1,366 (-1.4%)
Orlando, FL$1,500 (-0.2%)
Newark, NJ$1,649 (+10%)
Toledo, OH$700 (+0.7%)
Fort Wayne, IN$807 (-1.1%)
St. Petersburg, FL$1,510 (-2.6%)
Jersey City, NJ$2,996 (-0%)
Madison, WI$1,378 (-5%)
Reno, NV$1,235 (-0.6%)
Buffalo, NY$1,065 (+1.4%)
Richmond, VA$1,300 (-3.2%)
Boise, ID$1,314 (-0.9%)
Spokane, WA$1,056 (+0.6%)
Baton Rouge, LA$850 (0%)
Des Moines, IA$995 (+11.6%)
Fayetteville, NC$898 (+1.4%)
Birmingham, AL$1,055 (-5.2%)
Rochester, NY$970 (-0.5%)
Grand Rapids, MI$1,342 (+7.4%)
Huntsville, AL$1,011 (-5%)
Salt Lake City, UT$1,195 (-1.9%)
Augusta, GA$938 (+0.3%)
Akron, OH$750 (0%)
Little Rock, AR$907 (+6.7%)
Tallahassee, FL$961 (+6.8%)
Sioux Falls, SD$895 (-0.5%)
Providence, RI$1,850 (0%)
Jackson, MS$945 (+11.2%)
Savannah, GA$1,595 (-9.1%)
Charleston, SC$1,997 (+0.4%)
Cedar Rapids, IA$700 (-2.5%)
Fargo, ND$895 (-4.6%)
Hartford, CT$1,200 (0%)
Ann Arbor, MI$1,745 (-10.5%)
Manchester, NH$1,663 (-0.4%)
Billings, MT$950 (0%)
Wilmington, DE-
Portland, ME-
Cheyenne, WY-
Burlington, VT-
Morgantown, WV-

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Average Rent by State

Hawaii$1,850 (+1.1%)
Texas$1,275 (-0.6%)
Massachusetts$2,500 (0%)
Maryland$1,500 (-1.2%)
Iowa$799 (+2.2%)
Maine$1,560 (+0.6%)
Idaho$1,200 (+0.4%)
Michigan$975 (-1.2%)
Utah$1,195 (-0%)
Minnesota$1,150 (-1.3%)
Missouri$850 (-2.1%)
Illinois$1,599 (-2%)
Indiana$900 (0%)
Mississippi$800 (0%)
Montana$1,150 (-3.8%)
Alaska$1,259 (-2.6%)
Alabama$987 (-2.6%)
Virginia$1,492 (-1.4%)
Arkansas$756 (+0.9%)
North Carolina$1,300 (-1.4%)
North Dakota$825 (+1.8%)
Nebraska$884 (-0.1%)
Rhode Island$1,778 (+2%)
Arizona$1,300 (-2.3%)
New Hampshire$1,750 (+4.3%)
New Jersey$2,050 (+2.5%)
New Mexico$900 (-5.3%)
Florida$1,700 (0%)
Nevada$1,250 (-1.7%)
Washington$1,626 (-2.3%)
New York$2,210 (-1.8%)
South Carolina$1,355 (+0.8%)
South Dakota$895 (0%)
Wisconsin$1,000 (0%)
Ohio$900 (0%)
Georgia$1,433 (-1.1%)
Oklahoma$825 (-1.9%)
California$2,099 (-0%)
West Virginia$700 (-3.4%)
Oregon$1,395 (-0.4%)
Kansas$795 (0%)
Colorado$1,563 (+0.9%)
Kentucky$848 (+0.9%)
Connecticut$1,695 (+0.3%)
Pennsylvania$1,129 (-1.9%)
Louisiana$1,077 (+1.1%)
Tennessee$1,194 (+2.4%)
Washington DC$2,385 (-0.5%)

Report Methodology

For the ApartmentAdvisor National Rent Report, we analyze rent prices across the U.S., calculating a median price by unit size based on list prices for available rental listings in the given location during that month. The set of 100 large cities highlighted in our report is primarily determined by overall population size, however we include some smaller cities with relatively high populations for the home state (e.g. Burlington, VT and Portland, ME) and we exclude some highly populated cities due to their proximity to other major cities (eg. Garland, Texas is not included due to its proximity to Dallas). We take all the unique apartments that were available for any amount of time during a time period, deduplicate them by unit type, and remove unreliable listings. We use a minimum threshold of units for cities to ensure that data is accurate. Luxury bias is removed by focusing on median figures instead of averages.

ApartmentAdvisor also tracks more detailed rental price and inventory data for all 100 cities, updated daily. These can be found on our Market Reports page.

The tables above can be sorted by price by clicking the column headers. Data can also be downloaded as a CSV. If you have questions about our data, or if you have a specific question you would like us to answer, please contact our team at pr@apartmentadvisor.com.

Top metro areas

Albuquerque Metro Apartments

403 apartments starting at $550/month

Atlanta Metro Apartments

1,391 apartments starting at $650/month

Austin Metro Apartments

1,534 apartments starting at $500/month

Bakersfield Metro Apartments

350 apartments starting at $400/month

Baltimore Metro Apartments

897 apartments starting at $500/month

Birmingham Metro Apartments

570 apartments starting at $495/month

Boston Metro Apartments

2,993 apartments starting at $950/month

Charlotte Metro Apartments

919 apartments starting at $549/month

Chicago Metro Apartments

2,575 apartments starting at $400/month

Cincinnati Metro Apartments

687 apartments starting at $595/month

Cleveland Metro Apartments

842 apartments starting at $450/month

Colorado Springs Metro Apartments

763 apartments starting at $500/month

Columbus Metro Apartments

1,170 apartments starting at $490/month

Dallas Fort Worth Metro Apartments

2,938 apartments starting at $400/month

Denver Metro Apartments

1,792 apartments starting at $450/month

Detroit Metro Apartments

1,090 apartments starting at $435/month

El Paso Metro Apartments

262 apartments starting at $550/month

Fresno Metro Apartments

307 apartments starting at $650/month

Hartford Metro Apartments

171 apartments starting at $750/month

Honolulu Metro Apartments

578 apartments starting at $500/month

Houston Metro Apartments

1,214 apartments starting at $400/month

Indianapolis Metro Apartments

706 apartments starting at $475/month

Jacksonville Metro Apartments

969 apartments starting at $550/month

Kansas City Metro Apartments

1,180 apartments starting at $410/month

Las Vegas Metro Apartments

1,559 apartments starting at $600/month

Los Angeles Metro Apartments

5,584 apartments starting at $400/month

Louisville Metro Apartments

386 apartments starting at $495/month

Memphis Metro Apartments

972 apartments starting at $450/month

Miami Metro Apartments

944 apartments starting at $950/month

Milwaukee Metro Apartments

699 apartments starting at $425/month

Minneapolis Metro Apartments

1,524 apartments starting at $500/month

Nashville Metro Apartments

621 apartments starting at $837/month

New Orleans Metro Apartments

311 apartments starting at $600/month

New York City Metro Apartments

1,169 apartments starting at $500/month

Oklahoma City Metro Apartments

1,207 apartments starting at $475/month

Omaha Metro Apartments

471 apartments starting at $445/month

Orlando Metro Apartments

1,311 apartments starting at $550/month

Philadelphia Metro Apartments

2,008 apartments starting at $500/month

Phoenix Metro Apartments

1,822 apartments starting at $598/month

Pittsburgh Metro Apartments

1,025 apartments starting at $400/month

Portland Metro Apartments

2,104 apartments starting at $415/month

Raleigh Metro Apartments

839 apartments starting at $595/month

Richmond Metro Apartments

669 apartments starting at $625/month

Riverside Metro Apartments

483 apartments starting at $550/month

Sacramento Metro Apartments

1,012 apartments starting at $525/month

Salt Lake City Metro Apartments

678 apartments starting at $600/month

San Antonio Metro Apartments

1,238 apartments starting at $525/month

San Diego Metro Apartments

1,740 apartments starting at $590/month

San Francisco Metro Apartments

1,984 apartments starting at $895/month

San Jose Metro Apartments

694 apartments starting at $1,000/month

Seattle Metro Apartments

1,990 apartments starting at $500/month

St. Louis Metro Apartments

1,039 apartments starting at $495/month

Tampa Metro Apartments

1,021 apartments starting at $750/month

Tucson Metro Apartments

515 apartments starting at $499/month

Tulsa Metro Apartments

444 apartments starting at $529/month

Virginia Beach Metro Apartments

511 apartments starting at $700/month

Washington Metro Apartments

907 apartments starting at $620/month

Wichita Metro Apartments

393 apartments starting at $425/month