7 Tips for Real Estate Marketing To Gen Z

Dominique Swanson

By Dominique Swanson

Feb 12, 2024

In the fast-paced world of real estate, adapting to the changing preferences and behaviors of each generation is critical to filling your rental property year after year. Now, the torch is being passed from millennials to Generation Z, a demographic known for being tech savvy and caring about social causes like sustainability. With over 80% of Gen Zers looking for authentic, personalized marketing, many landlords and realtors find themselves fumbling for ways to win the hearts (and leases) of this new demographic (many of whom are first-time renters themselves). Gen Z doesn’t want a simple transactional relationship with a brand, which begs the question: How do you sell to a generation that doesn’t want to be sold to?

The following 7 strategies will help you crack the code on real estate marketing to this new generation of consumers.

Leverage Social Media — The Right Way

When competing with the barrage of advertisements that Gen Z scrolls past every day, your social media marketing is no longer as simple as paid ads. The new generation wants concise, entertaining content that resonates. Gen Z wants to connect, and with studies showing that TikTok is the new search engine of choice, many landlords have taken to providing fun, consumable videos of their rental properties to catch the eyes of potential renters on the app. In fact, our most engaged-with content is the apartment tour videos we create for our partners on our Instagram account. Whether you’re posting 60-second tour videos on Instagram Reels or relating trending sounds on TikTok to your property, it’s time to create the personalized digital marketing experience Gen Zers are looking for. An online presence is no longer optional.

Embrace the Power of Influencer Marketing

Gen Z puts a lot of trust in their peers (and their smartphones), which means their online reviews and recommendations carry a lot of weight. Studies show that over 50% of Gen Zers have made a purchase based off of the recommendation of an influencer — a behavior that may be completely alien to previous generations. The more followers that influencer has, the better! By working with a social media influencer to take fun content videos at or about your property, you open your rental wide open to the Gen Z market.

Keep It Digital

In the world of Gen Z, instant gratification isn’t just a preference, but a must. A personalized digital experience, like virtual tours, is extremely attractive to this demographic. Companies like Matterport are making it easier than ever for real estate professionals to create 3D tours of rentals that can be embedded directly into a website — and have even found that 74% of their real estate customers close on more leads. Meanwhile, when renting with ApartmentAdvisor, renters get to enjoy seamless online services — like secure online payments and applications. Gen Z prefers the convenience of online interactions, so give your renters the option to do more online — whether it’s a virtual tour option, a digital application and lease, or secure online payments.

Make Your Site Mobile Friendly

Speaking of websites, have you tested yours on your cell phone recently? To attract the digital natives, your website being mobile friendly is crucial. The majority of content they consume is via their phone screens, so if your real estate website doesn’t work well on mobile, then you are missing out on potential clients and revenue. After you’ve updated your website, consider using online guest cards, marketing made for smaller screens, and QR codes as well. All are great tools when marketing to the younger generation.

Create Urgency with Ephemeral Content

Gen Z wants businesses to embrace the temporary nature of content platforms like Snapchat and Instagram stories. When you create social media posts that disappear after a short period, you begin to foster the sense of urgency and exclusivity that the new generation craves. Polls, limited-time deals, and quick video snippets encourage frequent engagement with your Gen Z audience that keep them interested in what you have to offer. If you’re struggling to design creative, look to templates online on websites like Canva for inspiration.

Partner with Local Businesses

Statistics show that Gen Z is more likely to purchase from small businesses, and authentic brands that share their same values. Instead of having Starbucks pass out your marketing materials, connect with your local coffee shop to see if they will sponsor an event or if you can shout each other out on your social media accounts. Partnering with businesses that your community cares about can help create referrals between businesses, while also building trust with your target audience.

Include Your Audience in Your Marketing Efforts

This seems like a simple solution but is often missed in the real estate industry! Give your current residents the option to leave video reviews or testimonials that you can share on social media platforms, ask if they want to be in any photos or video content for your marketing campaigns, and get their genuine feedback on your offerings. Remember, Gen Z values authenticity above all else, and while an influencer with thousands of followers will have a great impact on their buying decisions, their direct peers hold value as well.

The Bottom Line

Sticking to your tried-and-true marketing strategies doesn’t make it impossible to sell to Gen Z, but there’s no doubt that the new generation has different preferences than their predecessors. When you narrow in on what they want from marketers, especially with the fierce competition in the real estate business, you are that much more likely to close the sale. By using the seven tips in this article, you will be well on your way to marketing to your Gen Z prospects like a pro.

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