What T Station Offers the Best Deals on Rent in Boston?

Lilly Milman

By Lilly Milman

May 28, 2024

Many renters in Boston are willing to live in whatever neighborhood offers them the best deals, but with one catch: They just want proximity to public transportation. It’s the best way to get in and out of the center of the city without a car and, with its many delays, the bane of many a Bostonian’s existence — but for better or worse, the T is a necessary evil for renters.

We wanted to find out how much renters are paying to live close to the train in Boston by taking a look at the median rent price of a one-bedroom apartment within a half-mile radius (about a 10-minute walk) of each T stop. Read on for our breakdown below or click here to see the full list of rent prices near T stops.

The Most Expensive T Stop to Live Near on Each Line

Unsurprisingly, a short commute will cost you. The closer a T stop is to the city’s center, the more expensive the rent in the area is. For the Green and Blue lines, the most expensive T stop was the one closest to the Boston Common: Boylston Station was tied with Copley (median rent price of $3,500 a month) for the most expensive Green Line station to rent an apartment near, and Bowdoin Station ($3,000) topped the list for the Blue Line. South Station ($3,680), with its proximity to the Financial District, was the most expensive Red Line station to rent near and Tufts Medical Center ($3,565), the closest T stop to the small and pricy Bay Village neighborhood, came in at No. 1 for the Orange Line.

The half-mile radius around South Station was the most expensive area to rent across all train line stops that we analyzed.

T Stop NameTrain LineMedian Rent - 1BR
South StationRed Line$3,680.00
Tufts Medical Center StationOrange Line$3,565.00
Copley StationGreen Line$3,500.00
Boylston StationGreen Line$3,500.00
Bowdoin StationBlue Line$3,000.00

The Most and Least Expensive T Lines to Rent Near

While there are trends that exist across all the train lines for the most part — like the fact that it’s more expensive to live closer to downtown and less expensive to live further out — some lines are a little pricier than others. To determine which lines were the most expensive and least expensive to rent near, we calculated the average rent price across all the stops (for the Green Line, we only counted each stop once, even if multiple lines passed through it).

The Orange Line is the most expensive line to rent near on average, according to our data. With an average rent price of $2,938, it beat the Green Line ($2,727), the next most expensive line, by a significant amount. When looking at the top 10 most expensive T stops to rent an apartment near, half are Orange Line stops. Even though the Orange Line also services more affordable neighborhoods like Jamaica Plain and Roxbury, the ultra-high prices near downtown around stops like Tufts Medical Center ($3,565), Chinatown ($3,485), and Back Bay Station ($3,421) drove the high average across the line.

Meanwhile, the Blue Line was the least expensive line to rent near, with the average price across the whole line coming out to $2,605. Unlike the other train lines, the Blue Line had no stops on our list of top 10 most expensive stops to rent near. Its three most expensive stations —Bowdoin Station, Government Center, and State Street — all tied for its most expensive station to rent a one-bedroom apartment near at $3,000 a month. This makes them all tie for No. 21 spot on our list of most expensive T stops.

The Blue Line, which has the least stops of any of the lines, also has the lowest range in rents. On the high end of the spectrum, each line has stops where rent prices fall between $3,000 and $3,700 a month (other than the Blue Line, which caps out at $3,000). The Red Line has the largest range — with South Station ($3,680) topping our list and Wollaston Station in Quincy at the bottom ($1,950).

Click here to see the full list of rent prices near every T stop.

Deep Dive: The Green Line

The most expansive line in the MBTA, the Green Line branches out into four distinct lines: B, C, D, and E. All four lines pass through downtown Boston, stopping at Copley, Arlington, Boylston, Park Street and Government Center — but once they branch out, their surrounding neighborhoods have vastly different median rent prices.

The Most Expensive Rent on the Green Line

On average, rent prices surrounding the stops on the C line — which continues on from downtown Boston into Brookline — are the most expensive of all the Green lines. This aligns with our monthly Massachusetts Rent Report data, which often shows the ritzy suburbs of Brookline competing with and sometimes overtaking Boston for the most expensive median rent prices in the state. While the D line also passes through the same area, its Brookline stops are much further from the town’s central business-heavy drag on Beacon Street, explaining the slightly lower rent prices.

The most expensive stops to rent near that are exclusive to the C line are Saint Mary’s Street ($2,924), Kent Street ($2,900), and Saint Paul Street ($2,876) — three of the four closest train stops to downtown. The least expensive stop is at the end of the at Cleveland Circle ($2,484), the only stop in neighboring Brighton.

For renters who want proximity to Brookline but are looking for savings, Allston–Brighton is the answer. For example, the median rent price for a one-bedroom apartment near the Washington Square Station in Brookline is $2,707 a month. Meanwhile, a half a mile away in Brighton, you’ll find the Washington Street Station on the B line, where the median rent is only $2,400 a month. That means that a roughly 10-minute walk stands between renters and potential savings of up to $3,684 a year.

The Least Expensive Rent on the Green Line

The B line, which passes through parts of Allston and Brighton, is on average the least expensive train line to rent an apartment near. Allston and Brighton are typically ranked the most affordable neighborhoods to live in Boston, so this is unsurprising.

However, the B line does buck the trend of the farthest stations from downtown being the cheapest areas to rent in. The three least expensive stations to rent an apartment near on the B line are Warren Street ($2,250), Allston Street ($2,250), and Griggs Street ($2,294). These are all located in the student-centric neighborhood of Allston on Commonwealth Avenue — firmly in the middle of the B line’s path. At the end of the line in Brighton, still popular with students but with family-oriented pockets, you’ll find slightly more expensive rent. For example, in the half-mile radius around Boston College Station, the last stop on the train, the median rent price for a one-bedroom apartment is $2,460.

The Rent Price Near Every T Stop in Boston

Below is our complete list of rent prices near every T stop in Boston based on our rent data.

T Stop NameTrain LineMedian Rent - 1BR
South StationRed Line$3,680
Tufts Medical Center StationOrange Line$3,565
Boylston StationGreen Line C$3,500
Copley StationGreen Line C$3,500
Chinatown StationOrange Line$3,485
Back Bay StationOrange Line$3,421
Lechmere StationGreen Line D$3,421
Broadway StationRed Line$3,405
Community College StationOrange Line$3,353
Downtown Crossing StationRed Line$3,352
Science Park/West End StationGreen Line E$3,303
Arlington StationGreen Line E$3,250
Kendall/MIT StationRed Line$3,200
Roxbury Crossing StationOrange Line$3,200
Park Street StationGreen Line C$3,123
Prudential StationGreen Line E$3,100
Wellington StationOrange Line$3,040
Bowdoin StationBlue Line$3,000
Charles/MGH StationRed Line$3,000
Government Center StationGreen Line E$3,000
Longwood Medical Area StationGreen Line E$3,000
Massachusetts Avenue StationOrange Line$3,000
State StationOrange Line$3,000
Fenway StationGreen Line D$2,986
Andrew StationRed Line$2,980
Alewife StationRed Line$2,979
Hynes Convention Center StationGreen Line B$2,975
Boston University Central StationGreen Line B$2,971
Ruggles StationOrange Line$2,949
Museum of Fine Arts StationGreen Line E$2,933
Saint Mary's Street StationGreen Line C$2,924
JFK/UMass StationRed Line$2,921
Kenmore StationGreen Line B$2,900
Kent Street StationGreen Line C$2,900
Longwood StationGreen Line D$2,900
Northeastern University StationGreen Line E$2,900
Symphony StationGreen Line E$2,900
Assembly StationOrange Line$2,895
Sullivan Square StationOrange Line$2,895
Saint Paul Street StationGreen Line C$2,876
Harvard StationRed Line$2,875
Hawes Street StationGreen Line C$2,853
Blandford Street StationGreen Line B$2,850
Boston University East StationGreen Line B$2,850
Coolidge Corner StationGreen Line C$2,850
Summit Avenue StationGreen Line C$2,829
Central StationRed Line$2,821
Brandon Hall StationGreen Line C$2,800
Jackson Square StationOrange Line$2,800
North StationGreen Line E$2,800
Haymarket StationGreen Line D$2,789
Porter StationRed Line$2,780
Brookline Hills StationGreen Line D$2,755
Ball Square StationGreen Line E$2,750
Amory Street StationGreen Line B$2,740
Brigham Circle StationGreen Line E$2,733
Fairbanks Street StationGreen Line C$2,724
Brookline Village StationGreen Line D$2,712
Washington Square StationGreen Line C$2,707
East Somerville StationGreen Line E$2,700
Stony Brook StationOrange Line$2,700
Tappan Street StationGreen Line C$2,700
Green Street StationOrange Line$2,694
Davis StationRed Line$2,688
Babcock Street StationGreen Line B$2,663
Beaconsfield StationGreen Line D$2,663
Aquarium StationBlue Line$2,662
Forest Hills StationOrange Line$2,650
Union Square StationGreen Line D$2,650
Dean Road StationGreen Line C$2,575
Englewood Avenue StationGreen Line C$2,549
Suffolk Downs StationBlue Line$2,543
Gilman Square StationGreen Line E$2,532
Reservoir StationGreen Line D$2,523
Magoun Square StationGreen Line E$2,500
Maverick StationBlue Line$2,500
Wood Island StationBlue Line$2,500
Medford/Tufts StationGreen Line E$2,489
Cleveland Circle StationGreen Line C$2,484
Chestnut Hill StationGreen Line D$2,483
Orient Heights StationBlue Line$2,483
Boston College StationGreen Line B$2,460
Airport StationBlue Line$2,450
Sutherland Road StationGreen Line B$2,450
Packard's Corner StationGreen Line B$2,433
Wonderland StationBlue Line$2,425
Chiswick Road StationGreen Line B$2,414
Back of the Hill StationGreen Line E$2,400
Chestnut Hill Avenue StationGreen Line B$2,400
Heath Street StationGreen Line E$2,400
Mission Park StationGreen Line E$2,400
Riverside StationGreen Line D$2,400
Riverway StationGreen Line E$2,400
Savin Hill StationRed Line$2,400
Washington Street StationGreen Line B$2,400
Woodland StationGreen Line D$2,400
Shawmut StationRed Line$2,385
Revere Beach StationBlue Line$2,375
Fields Corner StationRed Line$2,370
Fenwood Road StationGreen Line E$2,350
Harvard Avenue StationGreen Line B$2,350
Newton Centre StationGreen Line D$2,350
South Street StationGreen Line B$2,350
Beachmont StationBlue Line$2,332
Ashmont StationRed Line$2,300
Butler StationMattapan Trolley$2,300
Cedar Grove StationMattapan Trolley$2,300
Milton StationMattapan Trolley$2,300
Waban StationGreen Line D$2,300
Griggs Street StationGreen Line B$2,294
Allston Street StationGreen Line B$2,250
Eliot StationGreen Line D$2,250
Warren Street StationGreen Line B$2,250
Newton Highlands StationGreen Line D$2,200
Quincy Adams StationRed Line$2,200
Central Avenue StationMattapan Trolley$2,175
Braintree StationRed Line$2,125
Oak Grove StationOrange Line$2,100
Quincy Center StationRed Line$2,100
Malden Center StationOrange Line$2,079
Valley Road StationMattapan Trolley$2,061
Capen Street StationMattapan Trolley$2,025
Mattapan StationMattapan Trolley$2,021
North Quincy StationRed Line$1,973
Wollaston StationRed Line$1,950


For this study, ApartmentAdvisor analyzed listings available on its platform within a half-mile radius of every T Stop Station in Boston, over the time period of February, March, and April 2024.

For a look at average rent prices at the state level, refer to our Massachusetts Rent Report, published monthly. ApartmentAdvisor also publishes a Boston market report that breaks down rental market trends, which is updated daily.

We rate and sort every listing based on fair market rent.

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