What States Have the Cheapest Rent? (2024)

Lilly Milman

By Lilly Milman

May 02, 2024

When deciding what state to live in, it's important to factor in employment opportunities, lifestyle factors, transportation options, and of course housing prices. Certain regions of the country — like much of the Midwest and the South — tend to have a lower cost of living than others, like the Northeast or West Coast.

In this report, we cover where the cheapest states to rent in the nation are, as well as what the cheapest state in each region is. Earlier this year, we also released a report on the most affordable cities.

What states have the cheapest rent?

Below, we outline the Top 5 Cheapest States to Rent in the country.

West Virginia

1. West Virginia

  • Population: 1.775 million
  • Region: Southeast
  • Median rent for a one-bedroom: $725 per month
  • Median rent for a two-bedroom: $862 per month

West Virginia may be one of the smallest states in the country, but it packs a big punch — especially when it comes to affordability for renters, proximity to natural beauty, and its robust agriculture industry. The Appalachian Mountains run through WV, creating rugged mountainous landscapes, natural gorges, and lakes for its residents to enjoy. Its largest city is its capital, Charleston.

The median monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment in West Virginia is $725 per month.


2. Kansas

  • Population: 2.937 million
  • Region: Midwest
  • Median rent for a one-bedroom: $755 per month
  • Median rent for a two-bedroom: $943 per month

If you’re looking to save on rent or home prices, consider Kansas. The Sunflower State is one of the least expensive states in the country. Also known as America’s breadbasket, Kansas has deep roots in wheat production and agriculture — though speciality food and beverage and consumer brands are starting to call the state home as well. Topeka, which is about 60 miles west of the Kansas City, MO metro area, is the state capital.

The median rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Kansas is $755 per month.

Little Rock, AR

3. Arkansas

  • Population: 3.046 million
  • Region: Southeast
  • Median rent for a one-bedroom: $825 per month
  • Median rent for a two-bedroom: $958 per month

Did you know that Arkansas was home to natural splendor, American history, and large employers like Walmart and Tyson Foods? Low cost of living, ease of renting an apartment, and ample job opportunities led us to deem the Little Rock metropolitan area — Arkansas’s capital — as one of the best areas for renters in 2023. Plus, on top of being one of the most affordable places to live, it’s more than half of the state is covered in forests and the northern region boasts natural hot springs that attract visitors from all over the country.

The median rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Arkansas is $825 per month.


4. Oklahoma

  • Population: 4.02 million
  • Region: Southwest
  • Median rent for a one-bedroom: $825 per month
  • Median rent for a two-bedroom: $1,025 per month

Those looking to enjoy mid-sized city or rural life will feel right at home in the Sooner State. Most of its population is split between its two largest cities, Oklahoma City and Tulsa, where you’ll find plenty of museums, an art scene rooted in Native American tradition, a famous BBQ culture, and more. Plus, there is still relatively affordable real estate in Oklahoma, making it an ideal place to move if you are looking to eventually become homeowners.

The median rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Oklahoma is $825 per month.


5. Wyoming

  • Population: 581,381
  • Region: Mountain West
  • Median rent for a one-bedroom: $846 per month
  • Median rent for a two-bedroom: $1,000 per month

The only state in the Mountain West region on our top 5 list, Wyoming is a small but fascinating place to live. Wyoming marries a beautiful landscape with economic advantages: Not only will you be able to explore natural wonders in Yellowstone or Grand Teton National Park, but you’ll also find a low average cost of living and no state income tax. Those that prioritize hiking, fishing, and other outdoor activities will find a high quality of life here in one of the most affordable states in the country. Wyoming’s largest city is its capital, Cheyenne.

The median rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Wyoming is $846 per month.

What is the cheapest state to rent in each region?

Our Top Five Cheapest States to Rent list above included states from the Southeast, Midwest, Southwest, and the Mountain West. Below, we outline the cheapest states to rent in each region.

The Northeast: Five Cheapest States

StatePopulationMedian 1BR RentMedian 2BR Rent
Pennsylvania12.97 million$1,245$1,457
Maine1.385 million$1,400$1,650
Delaware1.018 million$1,448$1,749
New Hampshire1.395 million$1,550$1,975
Maryland6.165 million$1,600$1,850

The Southeast: Five Cheapest States

StatePopulationMedian 1BR RentMedian 2BR Rent
West Virginia1.775 million$725$862
Arkansas3.046 million$825$958
Louisiana4.59 million$872$1,027
Mississippi2.94 million$886$1,000
Alabama5.074 million$925$1,100

The Southwest: Four Cheapest States

StatePopulationMedian 1BR RentMedian 2BR Rent
Oklahoma4.02 million$825$1,025
New Mexico2.113 million$900$1,100
Texas30.03 million$1,227$1,458
Arizona7.359 million$1,230$1,595

The Mountain West: Five Cheapest States

StatePopulationMedian 1BR RentMedian 2BR Rent
Idaho1.939 million$1,200$1,379
Montana1.123 million$1,205$1,027
Utah3.381 million$1,242$1,435
Nevada3.178 million$1,250$1,571

The Midwest: Five Cheapest States

StatePopulationMedian 1BR RentMedian 2BR Rent
Kansas2.937 million$755$943
Iowa3.201 million$850$1,025
North Dakota779,261$875$995
South Dakota909,824$883$1,058
Kentucky4.512 million$885$1,095

The West: Five Cheapest States

StatePopulationMedian 1BR RentMedian 2BR Rent
Oregon4.24 million$1,363$1,600
Washington7.786 million$1,600$1,854
Hawaii1.44 million$1,900$2,496
California39.03 million$2,078$2,595

The Cheapest States to Rent in the US

Below is the list of all of the states with monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment below the national median of $1,511 and monthly rent for a two-bedroom apartment below the national median of $1,695.

StatePopulationMedian 1BR RentMedian 2BR RentRegion
West Virginia1.775 million$725$862Southeast
Kansas2.937 million$755$943Midwest
Arkansas3.046 million$825$958Southeast
Oklahoma4.02 million$825$1,025Southwest
Wyoming581,381$846$1,000Mountain West
Iowa3.201 million$850$1,025Midwest
Louisiana4.59 million$872$1,027Southeast
North Dakota779,261$875$995Midwest
South Dakota909,824$883$1,058Midwest
Kentucky4.512 million$885$1,095Midwest
Mississippi2.94 million$886$1,000Southeast
Nebraska1.968 million$899$1,139Midwest
New Mexico2.113 million$900$1,100Southwest
Missouri6.178 million$915$1,095Midwest
Alabama5.074 million$925$1,100Southeast
Ohio11.76 million$935$1,146Midwest
Indiana6.833 million$946$1,111Midwest
Michigan10.03 million$1,001$1,250Midwest
Wisconsin5.893 million$1,100$1,295Midwest
Minnesota5.717 million$1,138$1,443Midwest
Tennessee7.051 million$1,190$1,300Southeast
Idaho1.939 million$1,200$1,379Mountain West
Montana1.123 million$1,205$1,027Mountain West
Texas30.03 million$1,227$1,458Southwest
South Carolina5.283 million$1,230$1,478Southeast
Arizona7.359 million$1,230$1,595Southwest
Utah3.381 million$1,242$1,435Mountain West
North Carolina10.7 million$1,243$1,400Southeast
Pennsylvania12.97 million$1,245$1,457Northeast
Nevada3.178 million$1,250$1,571Mountain West
Georgia10.91 million$1,352$1,496Southeast
Oregon4.24 million$1,363$1,600West
Maine1.385 million$1,400$1,650Northeast

For more information on rent prices in cities across America, check out our National Rent Report.


For this report, ApartmentAdvisor analyzed rental listings available on our platform in April 2024, calculating median one- and two-bedroom rent prices in all 50 U.S. states plus Washington, D.C., focusing on states where the median rent prices were below the national medians. Listings on

ApartmentAdvisor come from both small and large property owners and include luxury and non-luxury rental units. Rental data came from ApartmentAdvisor. Population data came from the U.S. Census Bureau. ApartmentAdvisor also tracks more detailed rental price and inventory data for 100 major cities in the United States, which can be found on our Market Reports page. To learn more about housing costs across the country as well as the national averages for rent prices, refer to our National Rent Report.

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